YouTube users in India (Statistics & Facts) – 2024

YouTube Statistics 2021

YouTube is the number one social media channel in the world and remains the second-most visited site after Google, its parent company. The success of YouTube as a streaming website and app may be attributed to its ease of use, as it has a wide range of content from all industries, from beauty tutorials to gaming videos, from unboxing videos to baking videos — and so much more. Whether it is your first time creating a YouTube channel or if you are an experienced video marketer, to succeed in this platform, you need to look at some vital YouTube statistics.

In this guide, we have researched and mentioned a few crucial numbers you need to know to find out who’s using YouTube, what channels are the most successful, and what having a YouTube channel means for a business.

Quick Look Into YouTube Numbers

How many YouTube users are there in India?

According to App Annie, there were 425 million monthly active YouTube users in India in 2019. YouTube has flooded the Indian market because it is free and offers content for people in all spheres of life. It was estimated that the number of active YouTube users in India would increase to 342.3 million by 2021; however, the new numbers far exceed the prediction. In comparison, WhatsApp had 422 million users.

How many videos are uploaded to YouTube daily?

People upload 500 hours of video every minute on YouTube. That translates to a whopping 720,000 hours of video every day. The number of YouTube uploads has increased by 40% between 2014 and 2019 and it is expected to increase further in 2021.

How many channels are there on Youtube?

There are more than 37 million YouTube channels, according to YouTube stats. The number of channels is growing every year and grew by 23% in 2019 alone. This is thanks to people from all over the world who are creating YouTube channels every day and uploading valuable content on it.

What percentage of video views on YouTube comes from mobile devices?

About 70% of all YouTube views come from mobile devices. This number has been steadily on the increase for a decade. This stat should be of interest to many marketers since it shows that most YouTube video views come from mobile devices rather than desktop. Hence, it is important that marketers optimize their videos for smaller mobile screens.

YouTube India Statistics and Data

93% of internet users in India watch YouTube

The second biggest market for YouTube is India with 93% of internet users enjoying hours of video streaming on the platform. The country shows a consistent double-figure growth every year. This is in comparison with Netflix, which is a paid service and hence only has a 3% share in India.

YouTube has the biggest penetration of all social media platforms in India

According to Statista, YouTube shows penetration of 82% (as opposed to the 93% shared by eMarketer). The second biggest social media in India is Facebook, which is used by 76% of users, as is shown by the YouTube user stats of 2019.

Sony Entertainment TV India Had 45 billion video views

As of April 2020, Sony Entertainment Television India is the most-watched channel in India. The channel consists of 94.8 million subscribers with 45 billion video views. The second-most popular YouTube video channel in India is Zee TV, the channel owned by Essel group of Mumbai, which has amassed over 36.9 billion views. The top 10 media channels are all in Hindi language.

The NGO, Islamic Research Center TV, had 411 million views in India

The Islamic Research Center TV is the most popular non-governmental organization YouTube channel in India, according to YouTube video statistics of 2020. The channel has over 411 million video views. The next in the list is Isha Foundation, which has over 100 million views with over 1 million subscribers.

The Indian YouTube channel T-Series has over 92 billion views as of May 2020

T-series is an Indian YouTube channel that features Bollywood music videos as well as Indian pop music. The channel cut down all competition with more than 92 billion views as of May. The company has 170 million subscribers and has over 100 billion monthly views. If you compare it with US recording artists like Taylor Swift, who has over 18 billion views, and Rihanna, who has over 14 billion views, you can see that T-series is way ahead of them.

Over 95% of YouTube video consumption in India is in Indian languages

In the past decade, YouTube has witnessed a steady growth in content in the Indian languages. Almost all the videos watched on YouTube by Indians are in the Indian language. In addition, content in the Bengali language was growing by 100% year-on-year, according to YouTube statistics. The content viewed by most Indians was in the Hindi language, followed by Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and other languages.

YouTube Usage Statistics — 2021

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world

YouTube is one of the top-most visited sites in the world, second only by Google. Every visit on YouTube involves an average of 9.77 pageviews. According to Statista’s Statistics on YouTube, there are more than 2 billion global users on the video-sharing channel. Even though Facebook has more active users in certain countries, YouTube is visited by more global users, making it a veritable goldmine of potential for video marketers.

YouTube has over 2 billion users who log in

In May 2018, YouTube’s active monthly users were marked at just 1.8 billion. However, the number has exceeded over 2 billion and it is expected to grow even more in 2021, according to YouTube user stats. This opens huge opportunities for video marketers.

Over 73% of adults in the US use YouTube

Almost three-quarters of American adults use YouTube. This is significantly more than the number of adults that use Facebook (69%). Moreover, it has almost twice as many adult users as Instagram (37%), which is generally preferred by people under the age of 35. All these stats about YouTube indicate that it is the most popular social media channel in the United States.

Visitors spend an average of 11 minutes 24 seconds on YouTube

According to numbers from Alexa, visitors spent over 11 minutes on YouTube every day in 2019. This is a significant improvement from 2018 when visitors spent 8 minutes and 41 seconds on the channel. This shows that people are becoming more interested in watching video content every day.

10% of videos on YouTube draw 97% of views

According to YouTube viewership stats by PEW Research, which researched over 440,000 YouTube channels with over 25,000 subscribers, a small percentage of videos have disproportionately high followers. In addition, when it comes to quantity, only 10% of YouTube channels make 70% of the most-watched videos.

YouTube is the 2nd most popular video platform for watching videos on television after Netflix. However, it remains the most popular platform that has ads for watching videos. In fact, Millennials claim that YouTube offers better services than traditional basic cable and broadcast networks on TV, according to YouTube user demographics.

YouTube Users in the World Vs India

India is the 2nd Leading Source of Traffic For YouTube

About 9.3% of global traffic comes from India, according to YouTube traffic statistics.The United States is the source of most YouTube traffic at 16.4%. The third leading source of YouTube traffic is Japan, which contributes 5%. This means that the channel still has a lot more viewing growth opportunities at the international level.

Indian YouTube channels total over 50 million subscribers, second to American channels

YouTube channels created by Indian creators have about 50 million total subscribers, according to YouTube subscribers stats. Unsurprisingly, the US YouTube channels make the top of the list with a total of 220 million subscribers. Other countries that make the list of the most number of subscribers include Brazil, the UK, and Mexico.

YouTube for Business Statistics

Relatability in videos is 3 times more important than videos with famous celebrities

According to YouTube stats, people are more interested in watching videos that relate to them rather than videos that contain famous celebrities. This stat indicates that it is more important for brands to understand what their audience wants and where their interests lie.

“Which product to buy videos” doubled in popularity

This is an important point for marketers and advertisers as it shows that people are turning more and more to YouTube videos to research various brands before they try their products. This means that many customers connected with your brand on the social media channel do not just want you to pitch products to them. They are looking for valuable and helpful information that can inform them about the benefits of an offering. 

70% more users are engaging with YouTubers and YouTube channels

The YouTube user stats show that users increased their engagements with video creators and channels by almost three-quarters between 2017 and 2018. This shows that viewing habits are changing. In fact, people are now only willing to become your subscriber or fan if you make efforts to engage with them. That’s why you can see a steady rise in YouTube influencer content and popularity.

YouTube Revenue and Finance Statistics

YouTube revenue is over $15 billion

According to Alphabet, YouTube earned revenues over $15.1 billion in 2019. This was an increase of 36% from 2018. This indicates an increase in YouTube users and this increase is still growing. 

YouTube ad revenues amounted to over $5 billion in Q3 2020.

The video-sharing platform witnessed an increase in year-over-year revenue by 32%, reaching $5.04 billion in the third quarter of 2020. This makes it the platform with the most popular channels and the most viewers, according to YouTube viewer statistics.

YouTube influencers with over 500k followers charge an average of $3857 per video

If you have half a million followers on YouTube, you can make $3857 on a single YouTube video. However, you do not need to have so many followers to earn a nice amount of cash. YouTubers with only 500 to 5000 followers can also earn $315 per video.

The number of channels that earn $10,000 per year grew by 50% on YouTube

In the same time period, the number of channels that earn $100,000 per year grew by 40% on YouTube, according to stats about YouTube. This income did not just come from ad revenue, it also includes other forms of YouTube monetization. This growth happened year over year; however, YouTube did not mention which years they were talking about.

YouTube’s Google Preferred Ads improve ad recall by 112%

Google Preferred Ads are those ads that run on YouTube’s top 5 most favorite channels. Not only do these ads increase recall by 112%, but they also improve purchase intent by 53%. This is an important thing to consider if you have a budget allocated for ads.

YouTube Marketing Statistics

70% of marketers think YouTube is the second-most influential social media platform’

According to YouTube statistics, 70% of marketers vote for YouTube as the second-most important social media channel for influencer marketing. In addition, YouTube videos are the third most effective format for influencer marketing after Instagram posts and Stories.

90% of shoppers have discovered a brand through YouTube

An estimated 9 out of 10 YouTube users have found a brand they are interested in through YouTube, according to YouTube channel statistics. This shows how powerful the video-sharing channel is and how much it affects people’s buying decisions. For marketers, it is imperative they include the channel in their marketing strategies.

Only 24% of marketers were planning to create a strategy for YouTube Live

This number is very low considering most consumers are interested in watching YouTube Live videos and it is a rising trend in social media. Despite pushing out more video content, marketers are still falling behind in nurturing the right kind of presence of YouTube.

Wrap Up

YouTube is one of the very best platforms to build an audience. If you are a marketer, the above YouTube statistics can give you insights on how to craft a strategy for your YouTube channel. This can help you create a successful and engaging presence on YouTube.


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