About us

We write accurate, up-to-date reviews on almost every topic under the sun, from software and tech to lifestyle. Our goal is to give you all the information you need on these subjects.

With our in-depth, reader-oriented reviews, you get an objective perspective on any product or service. The clear, unbiased truth helps drive the best decisions, after all – and we’re all about showing things as they are.

The Problem with Online Reviews

Over the years, we noticed two serious problems with online reviews.

The first is that so many reviews claim they’re balanced and unbiased. But most of them say this while getting money from the very companies they’re reviewing.

The other problem is that too many reviews lack in-depth research. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen articles just rephrase other reviews found on Google’s first page.

This mess is what motivates Findly’s central goal: let you rest easy knowing our content is factual and honest.

How We Do Our Reviews

One cannot simply write reviews without a solid methodology. Here’s ours:

1. Find the Right Topics

Before anything else, we find topics people are curious about, especially ones without many good reviews. We look at people’s questions about these subjects and give the most comprehensive answers possible.

2. Extensive Research and Fact-Checking

Once we have a topic, we dive right into the data. Our research is incredibly thorough, so we never miss anything important. You won’t see years-old info in our reviews, either only current fact-checked data will do.

3. Presenting Relevant, Helpful Information.

We dig up everything and anything you need to know about any given service or product. Our articles are one-stop knowledge hubs for any given topic, so no more opening up 5 review pages on a single topic.

Findly is Free? What’s the Catch?

Yes, our services are free, and no, there’s no catch. 

We want to help consumers choose the best options for them. You won’t have to deal with fees, phone calls, or having your data sold to marketers. It’s just you and the reviews!