Best Online Shopping Sites in India – 2024

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If you just landed on our page, that means that you’re in the mood for shopping and that you’re looking for the best online shopping sites in India. So, where do people shop online? What are the best websites where Indians can shop for any type of product and service?

We’ll answer all that and much more in our very carefully researched article. We’re going to cover the best online shopping sites from all over the country, so you’ll know what’s the most efficient and cheapest way to purchase the things that you desire.

Shopping, especially online shopping, has never been easier than in the 2020s. Everything you want is at a single click of a button away, and while that may be highly efficient, it can also cost you a lot of money if you don’t know where to shop for quality and bargains.

Let’s go over the top 10 best online shopping sites in India, and after reading this article, we’re pretty sure that you’ll become an online shopping expert in no time. Shall we begin?

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

The list of online shopping sites in India will show you what digital stores to buy from and where you can get the cheapest price available for all the products and services you are looking for. 

Before scrolling down, can you guess which website is India’s leading online shopping platform?

1. Amazon – Best Overall


Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping site, and it comes as no surprise that the company owned and managed by Jeff Bezos is also the number 1 digital store in India.

Jeff Bezos is also the richest person globally, with a net worth of approximately $197.8 billion. Given the large number of unique visitors Amazon has each day, it makes it the go-to place for Indian shoppers nationwide. 

Amazon has become such an essential part of online shopping. You almost can’t imagine how the world looked before this titan took over the global digital marketplace. 

Regardless of the industry, most of the world’s big brands have their official stores on Amazon, just because this is where all the customers are. Sure, they also sell their products and services on their websites, but Amazon brings in a lot more revenue than their own shopping websites.

You can think of Amazon as the Youtube or Facebook for online shopping websites because everybody has heard of this brand and has purchased / or will purchase at least one thing from the platform throughout their lifetime. 

Store Category: Online Marketplace (Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Books, Perfumes, Hardware, Software and almost anything else you can imagine) 

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 293.77 million 

Current Alexa Rank:

Total Number of App Downloads: 100,000,000+

2. Flipkart – Best Online Marketplace

Flipkart 1

If you were looking for an online shopping platform in India that has it all, Flipkart is one of the easiest, fastest and safest ways to go. They have everything you need and everything you never even knew you needed.

That’s how complex the range of products and services offered on Flipkart is. Indian shoppers come here for clothing, PC hardware, house appliances, furniture and anything under the sun.

Flipkart’s main popular factor in India is that they offer a vast array of payment options, from credit and debit cards to PayPal, Payoneer, and e-wallets. The more payment options a platform provides, the more users it will attract because people love the idea of having options to choose from.

You can also buy gift vouchers to give your friends, which can be awesome birthday gifts, especially if you never know what to get them. This way they’ll be able to buy whatever present they want with the gift card you gave them. 

Store Category: Online Marketplace (Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Automotive, Hardware and loads of other products and even services) 

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 176.93 million 

Current Alexa Rank: 10 

Total Number of App Downloads: 100,000,000+

3. Myntra – Best for Clothing

Myntra 2

If there’s a place where Indian shoppers go to buy some of the latest and most fashionable clothes and accessories, that place is Myntra! It’s almost a staple of Indian society by now to buy clothes from the country’s biggest fashion online shopping website.

On Myntra, you can buy anything ranging from international clothing brands, local brands, hair products, makeup and anything a person needs to look their best for a special event, or just for wearing a stunning daily attire.

The platform constantly adds new brands, which is a big plus and their return policy is super-friendly. These two factors are why people in India prefer Myntra above any other online fashion store. 

Don’t forget to be on the lookout for their weekly promotions and super discount coupons. They always have something on sale, so you might as well get it at an affordable price. 

Store Category: Fashion

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 36.42 million 

Current Alexa Rank: 85 

Total Number of App Downloads: 50,000,000+

4. Ajio – Best Fashion Store

Ajio 1

Ajio is one of the relatively new players in the Indian online shopping industry. It already shows a lot of potentials, being the second most popular digital fashion store.

It offers clothing, footwear, accessories and any new fashion statement that manages to gain worldwide popularity. If celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood are wearing it, you’re most likely to find it on Ajio in the shortest time possible.

They work fast and try to add new big brands to their online portfolio to keep up with the latest fashion trends that are constantly changing rapidly. 

Another thing that sets them apart is their desire to appeal to both the Indian public and international buyers that land on their page. They’re available in almost all languages through Google Translate’s instant page translation feature, making it even easier for shoppers from other countries to palace an order.

Of course, they do not ship worldwide, but they do ship in many other countries and regions through their official partners.

Indian shoppers prefer switching between Ajio and Myntra to find the best online deals on the best digital clothing stores. In the end, it’s just a matter of taste and platform preference. 

Store Category: Fashion

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 19.16 million 

Current Alexa Rank: 203 

Total Number of App Downloads: Not disclosed 

5. Snapdeal – Best for Low Prices

Snapdeal 1

Snapdeal, as its name suggests, is a place where Indian shoppers come to find the best online deals for electronics, fashion, accessories, hardware, software and anything else they are interested in at that specific moment.

If you’re looking to purchase something for a reasonable price, Snapdeal’s platform will help you get a better idea about costs for the product category you are interested in.

Not only that, but they’ll also offer pretty precise suggestions following your order. Let’s say you’ve already added a mink coat to your shopping cart. Snapdeal’s algorithms will match your selection with something that was already ordered by other shoppers interested in the same product.

They can even suggest a pair of shoes or a hat that goes with the coat you have selected, making online shopping much easier for men.

Similar to the Amazon Prime service, Snapdeal has launched Snapdeal Gold which offers users free shipment and even 24-hour delivery, based on the region you are ordering from and the product’s availability. It’s one of the most promising online shopping sites in India today. 

Store Category: Online Marketplace (They sell Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Hardware, Software and a lot of other various products)

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 18.23 million 

Current Alexa Rank: 84 

Total Number of App Downloads: 50,000,000+

6. Bookmyshow – Best for Tickets Booking


Looking to go to a concert, or perhaps you want to see the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movie releases? Look no further than BookMyShow, because this is the palace that has it all.

If you can’t find a ticket for the show you are interested in on BookMyShow, that means that you probably shouldn’t go to that event anyway. 

BookMyShow is the number 1 website for buying tickets for all sorts of events. Everybody in India knows that if you want to see the latest movies, theatre plays, concerts, or entertainment events, you go to this platform to check out the prices.

One thing that makes this website the most popular in India is the variety of payment options available for users. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and India especially, more and more people are eager to attend live events and shows.

This desire has only increased BookMyShow’s website traffic, making it an even bigger player in India’s online shopping sector.

Store Category: Online Tickets (Movies, Theatre, Concerts, Shows and Entertainment ticketing buying service) 

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 14.95 million 

Current Alexa Rank: 77 

Total Number of App Downloads: 10,000,000+

7. Pharmeasy – Best Online Pharmacy


We’ve already reached the no. 7 spot in our TOP 10 best online shopping sites in India, and this platform is unique.

Pharmeasy is one of those websites that immediately gives out an innovative and friendly vibe. They want to revolutionise the way people look at medicine and how they purchase their pills, medication and supplements.

Pharmeasy makes it extremely easy for any new user to check out all the latest pills, medicine, and supplements available for purchase, based on their illness or medical condition.

This platform is an e-pharmacy and a pioneer in India to bring the medical sector into the 21st century. You can book online doctor appointments, order medicine and receive it right at your doorstep, all these services being provided at very affordable prices.

In COVID-19 times, e-pharmacy is extremely important, so such an online shopping site is so popular nowadays. Everything is secure and discrete, and you don’t have to worry about revealing personal medical information to anyone.

Store Category: Online Pharmacy and Supplements

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 12.75 million 

Current Alexa Ranking: 684 

Total Number of App Downloads: Undisclosed 

8. BigBasket – Best for Groceries


BigBasket, just like the brand’s name says, it’s all about creating a big virtual basket that will be delivered to you in just a matter of minutes. Sure, delivery times may vary based on your location and the size of your order, but they rarely fail to deliver your goods in less than 2-3 hours.

It’s the beauty of living in the digital age. You can order anything you want from a grocery store, and you will have it on your kitchen table the same day.

While most people stay at home to avoid the coronavirus pandemic, a home-delivery service for groceries couldn’t have come at a better time. You can have all the ingredients to prepare your favourite dish without having to spend a single minute driving to the store and browsing around the aisles.

BigBasket has made it extremely easy to shop for food online, and more Indians are hopping on board this bandwagon. Why waste so much time shopping and carrying all those heavy bags when you can have them delivered to your doorstep for the same price (and sometimes even cheaper!)?

Store Category: Online Grocery (Buy food, beverages and any other items you would regularly find in regular stores) 

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 9.93 million

Current Alexa Rank: 419 

Total Number of App Downloads: 10,000,000+ 

9. Nykaa – Best for Beauty Products

BigBasket 1

Nykaa has managed to carve a name for itself on the Indian online fashion scene in record time. Given India’s enormous appetite for fashion and trendy clothing, it’s not surprising to see the third platform of this kind in the top 10.

This is where Nykaa comes into play. While it may be the smallest of India’s top 3 fashion websites, its future is promising due to its fresh approach and unique design.

Their platform is user-friendly, and almost anyone can purchase clothing straight from the get-go without going through countless ads. Another thing that separates them from the pack is that they have an ideal social media strategy.

They have a blog and a very popular Youtube challenge where they advertise their products, interact with their users, and offer tips and tricks for people who want to make fashion statements.

You can also buy cosmetics, makeup, and other beauty products at high-quality and reasonable prices. Nykaa is an extremely promising online shopping site in India, and more and more people are starting to notice it. 

Store Category: Online Fashion Store (Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Apparel) 

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 10.39 million

Current Alexa Rank: 673 

Total Number of App Downloads: 10,000,000+ 

10. TATA CLiQ – Best for Electronics


Tata CLiQ is the last addition to our list of best online shopping sites in India, but this doesn’t mean it’s not just as good as the other platforms we’ve already talked about.

Tata CLiQ is unique in the way it shows its products and services, and it has a very diversified array of things you can buy and sell.

If you’re looking for high-quality electronics and household appliances, this should be one of your first stops. You can also find many clothing options, not necessarily from the biggest brands, but still fashionable.

Being a platform under the TATA brand, you can also rest assured that they’ve got you covered. Their payment options are highly-secured, and your transactions are safe from cyber-attacks.

That’s what makes it one of India’s most popular online shopping sites, and the chances are that it will quickly climb up the ranks. Being backed up by such a vast corporation can only help the CLiQ digital store to gather more users in the upcoming period. 

Store Category: Online Marketplace (Electronics, Fashion, Accessories and loads of other products and services are made available on the shopping platform)

Total Number of Online Monthly Visitors: 8.09 million 

Current Alexa Rank: 674 

Total Number of App Downloads: 10,000,000+


After viewing India’s best online shopping sites, what would you say is your favourite digital store? What website made you feel like you were walking inside an actual brick-and-mortar shop?

Where did you feel like you were using a safe and secure platform for online shopping? Were you comfortable adding your credit card details for payment? Or did you prefer to pay the order upon arrival? 

What features did you find the most attractive about an online shopping site, and what did you dislike? 

It’s important to ask yourselves these questions to make the best possible decisions when using online shopping websites in India. 

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