Twitter Users in India – (Statistics & Facts) 2021

twitter Statistics India – 2021

Twitter is an interactive social media platform that passes information around quickly. Businesses have found that the seamless use of ad space on the timeline increases the chances of customer interaction with said ads.

Business owners and marketers should study Twitter statistics carefully so that they can form useful and effective strategies for their social media campaigns. Learning about such Twitter stats can impact your strategies because you will learn how users interact with Twitter.

Here are some interesting Twitter statistics.

Quick Look into Interesting Twitter Stats and Facts

The number of Twitter users currently totals 330 million active monthly users and 145 million daily users

500 million tweets are created and sent every single day

Only 550 million users have tweeted despite the 1.3 billion accounts on Twitter

Barack Obama has the most followers on Twitter with 128 million followers

Twitter India Statistics

Over 34 million Twitter Users are Indian

In 2019, there were around 34 million Twitter users in India. The country had only 11.5 million users in 2013, which shows an increase of 22.5 million in just six years. This shows that the country is exponentially growing in terms of total Twitter users in India. The stat makes India an important place to target for marketing campaigns on Twitter.

Narendra Modi Is the 3rd Most Influential Twitter User

In 2019, Taylor Swift was ranked as the most influential Twitter user, with Donald Trump coming in second. Indian PM Narendra Modi has 65 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter Demographics – 2021

28.9% of Twitter Users Are Aged 25-34 Years Old

The 25 to 34-year-olds make the biggest chunk of Twitter users on the platform. The second most common age bracket is the 35 to 49-year-olds. This shows that the biggest chunk of Twitter is usually middle-aged folks, which can help marketers tailor their strategy according to the audience.

18 to 24-year-olds make up 21.6% of Twitter. 50+-year-olds make up 12.3% of Twitter users, and the lowest chunk of users is 13 to 17-year-olds, making up only 9.1%.

There Are More Males on Twitter than Females

70.4% of Twitter users are male, and only 29.7% are female. If marketers want to target females on their social media platforms, they may not want to select Twitter as their main advertising platform.

20% of the Daily Users on Twitter Are From America

Around 30 million active daily users come from America, with 15% of the monthly Twitter active users coming from the States. This shows that America is the largest user base of Twitter. The second and third biggest user bases on Twitter are Japan and the United Kingdom.

92% of the American Population is Aware of Twitter

Even if they don’t all use Twitter, they are familiar with the social media platform. While Twitter has never been as big as other platforms, it does play an important role in culture and media. This can be due to the fact that most influential people such as poets, politicians, journalists, celebrities, writers, and activists are more active on Twitter. This makes it an important platform for many.

American Twitter Users Are Better Educated, Younger, And Have Better Income Than the General American Population

Twitter demographics reflect the general population of America in terms of ethnicity, race, and even gender, but they do differ in some main ways. The national population median age is 47, while Twitter users’ median age is 40 years old. 31% of the regular American popular has a college degree, but around 42% of the Twitter US population has a college degree. 32% of the national American popular has an income above $75,000, but 41% of the Twitter population does.

Twitter’s 10% Most Prolific Users Are Likely to Be Women Tweeting about Politics

The top 10% of the users based on tweet volumes are 65% women. 69% of these users mostly tweet about politics, and 61% of the groups are Democratic individuals. This shows that political accounts are the most popular on Twitter, implying that Twitter is a hub for political discussions. Businesses and marketers have to be careful about tweeting because they exist in a political space.

Up to 80% of the Tweets from the US Come by the Top 10% Twitter Users

The more prolific users of Twitter tweet around 138 times in a month while the average user tweets a median of 2 times in a month. This shows that the more you tweet, the more likely you are to gain followers and become part of the top 10% of users.

On Average, Active Twitter Users in the US have 20 Times More Followers

The most active Twitter users have up to 20 times more followers on average as compared to those who aren’t as active. Increased engagement is also seen as an increase in the number of tweets. This means that active accounts are ones that have 6 times the accounts followed as well as 70 times as many favorite accounts.

Staying active on Twitter is the key to getting more followers and engagement. Business owners and marketers should take note of this to ensure that they can have better social media engagement than ever.

Twitter for Business Statistics

93% of Twitter Users Following Small Businesses Buy From Them

Joint research between Research Now and Twitter found that 11.93% of Twitter users who follow medium and small-sized businesses do end up buying from them. Twitter facts show that 69% of Twitter users already made purchases from SMBs because of the content on their Twitter feeds.

85% of Small Business Suggest Twitter is Crucial to Their Customer Service

Customer care on social media has become the forefront of social media marketing. 85% of small to medium-sized businesses have found that Twitter is the best social media platform for customer service. Twitter is quite fast-paced, which makes it the best platform for customers to receive quick responses as long as businesses are able to keep up.

92% of Companies on Twitter Tweet More than Once Per Day

Twitter usage statistics show that most companies tweet more than once per day. 42% of businesses actually tweet around 1-5 times per day, with 19% tweeting around 6 to 10 times a day.

Cost of Twitter Ads Have Declined

In 2017, Twitter user growth showed that the cost for every engagement has declined. Around a 54% decrease was seen yearly. This shows that it will cost marketers and business owners even less money to get good results from the social media platform. Since engagement is always on the rise due to growing total Twitter users, it is a great strategy to incorporate Twitter into your marketing strategy.

Twitter Revenue and Finance Statistics

Twitter Made 28.66 Million in Q3 of 2020

Twitter generated 28.66 million in the third quarter of 2020. The company faced a decline in revenue due to a slump in advertising when the global pandemic broke out. This led to a decrease in Twitter valuation because of the losses incurred by the company.

What this shows business owners and marketers is that companies tend to cut their advertising or marketing budget when faced with a crisis. It can often be a mistake to cut their marketing campaigns short when the business is going through a crisis, but it is a common trend.

Twitter Ad Statistics

70% of Users on Twitter Don’t Consider Video Ads Intrusive

Users definitely don’t want to deal with intrusive ads when they are scrolling through their social media feeds. Marketers also don’t want intrusive ads because they can turn people off from investing in the brand.

The best part about Twitter ads is that 70% of users agree that video ads on Twitter aren’t intrusive. This can help create a better user experience for Twitter users. If you look at these stats in more detail, you will find that 67% of Twitter users don’t even find the Twitter Promoted Videos section intrusive, which is quite interesting because they are the first things users see when they open the app. 73% of the users even suggested that any videos that appear later on in their feed aren’t intrusive either, with a lot of the respondents even suggesting that the video ads they see can actually be informative.

First View Ads on Twitter Generate the Best Response from Users

First View ads aren’t considered intrusive by Twitter users and are actually the best option to generate a strong response from Twitter users. The user insights by Twitter show that First View ads are often seen by people since they are the first things people see. It can have a bigger emotional impact on Twitter users since they can be memorable for users rather than other content that they may view as they scroll further on the app.

Twitter Marketing Statistics

In the Q3 of 2017, Twitter engagements on ads increased by 99%

The total engagements on ads for Twitter increased by around 99% in the third quarter of 2017. The monthly active users and daily active users also grew by 4% and 14%, respectively. This change in engagement occurred after Twitter introduced new policies and features for their ad campaigns.

Videos Get 6 Times More Retweets than Images

Data from Twitter shows that videos are likely to get 6 times more retweets than images do. Videos are also 3 times more likely to get retweeted than GIFs. This shows that incorporating more videos into their ad campaigns can work better for marketers since people are more likely to share them.

Twitter is Great for B2C Platforms

B2B marketers have realized the importance of Twitter as a hub for engagement with customers. The tech company has found that Twitter users are more savvy shoppers, with a lot of users being affluent millennials, early adopters, and even influential in swaying others to make a purchase.

Twitter Content Can Influence Purchasing Decisions

Major businesses have found that content on Twitter can be quite influential in swaying consumer purchase decisions. This shows that marketers shouldn’t neglect Twitter as a part of their campaign strategy because it does have a lot of power in swaying the public.

American Users Are More Likely Democrats than Average Americans

Twitter is definitely one of the more political platforms among all the social media platforms. This is because it is used by world leaders, politicians, journalists, writers, and activists as a primary platform. One piece of research by the Pew Research Center found that 36% of Twitter users from America are democrats while only 30% of Americans are democrats. On the other hand, around 21% of Twitter users from America are Republican while 26% of Americans are republicans in total.

The Site Referral Traffic for Twitter Has Increased by 6%

In 2019, Twitter ranked on number 5 for social networks after Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. While the ranking isn’t quite staggering, it does show that the Twitter marketing strategy should be reflective of the platform. With increases in click-through rates, marketers can definitely take advantage of the platform.


Twitter statistics are important if you are a marketer or business owner because they can help you design more productive campaigns. Learning about the demographics, usage, and behavior of users is vital if you want your marketing strategy to actually work.


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