The Best Watches In India – How To Find The Perfect Watch?

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If you have a nice occasion coming your way, or if you recently received a raise in pay, a new watch may be just the thing you need. You shouldn’t see buying a watch just as another useless expense, but as a future investment, especially if you know what the best watch brands in India are.

But in order to make a very well-informed purchase, you need to do some thorough research upfront, just to be sure that you’re purchasing a valuable watch that is also in style at the moment.

You can search for “top watch brands India” on Google all you want, but you’ll only be wasting time (ironic since we’re talking about watches, right?) because we’ve already done all the necessary research. 

Let’s see what the best watches available on the Indian market at the moment are and if you can find the perfect fit for your style. Don’t forget to decide on a budget, a style, and a brand, and all that will be left for you to do is to choose the model and color. 

What are the best watch brands in India? What’s the best watch company in India? Although these questions may seem like they have the same answer, that is not necessarily true.

Top watch brands in India, may have some of the top 10 watches present in the rankings we will list below, but that doesn’t mean that they are also the best. 

A top watch can be considered a very popular watch, but a high-quality watch may work even better, while at the same time not being very well-received by the general public. 

Rest assured, we’re going to present to you the top 10 most popular watch brands in India and worldwide, so you’ll know what model best suits you and your lifestyle.

1. Titan

Titan is without a doubt a well-deserved no. 1 spot when it comes to the most popular watch brands in India.

Watch Features:
  • The Titan watch brand comes in all shapes, sizes and prizes 
  • One huge selling point for this watch brand is that Titan Raga offers a vast collection of watches for women
  • Most of Titan’s chronograph wristwatches are very expensive and they are mostly recommended for men
  • Titan’s wristwatches can be bought at prices ranging between Rs.1500 – Rs. 20,000

2. Citizen

Citizen is one of the most respected watch brands in the world, and India makes no exceptions when it comes to the brand’s popularity throughout the country.

Watch Features:
  • They offer one of the largest variety of premium wristwatches 
  • Citizen has the Eco-Drive model which showcase Chronograph watches ranging from Rs.15,000 – Rs.1,50,000
  • The Citizen Quartz series builds wristwatches for both genders and their prices range from Rs.7,000 to Rs.15,000
  • People between the ages of 18 and 50 are the ones that like Citizen watches the most
  • Rs.5,000 – Rs.1,50,000 is the overall price range for all the watches produced by Citizen

3. Casio

This brand needs no further presentations as it’s traditionally of the most powerful and recognizable watch brands in India and around the globe.    

Watch Features:
  • This brand is almost exclusively tailored for the younger generation 
  • Casio watches come with elegant designs, or retro features 
  • Casio’s most popular watch models are Edifice and G-shock
  • You can purchase Casio watches for as little as Rs.1,000 and all the way up to Rs.30,000

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Not only is Tommy Hilfiger one of the most powerful fashion brands in the world, but they also produce really slick-looking watches.

Watch Features:
  • Tommy Hilfiger offers one of the widest ranges of wristwatches for women, men and children  
  • You can acquire a Tommy Hilfiger watch for prices ranging between Rs.4,000 – Rs.30,000
  • Most Tommy Hilfiger wristwatches are made of stainless steel cases and mineral glass cover, which makes them very durable
  • You can wear these watches for any occasions
  • Tommy Hilfiger creates watches to match different colors and styles 

5. Fossil

When you’re talking about mid-range to high-end brands, Fossil has got to pop up on the list sooner or later. 

Watch Features:
  • Fossil watches in India can cost anere from Rs.6,000 to Rs.21,0000
  • Men and women simply love Fossil watches because of their la variety of models and styles
  • Some of the best-selling Fossil watches in India are their full black and chronograph models 
  • Most Fossil watches are waterproof and have a very simple and recognizable design

6. Giordano

When it comes to popular and very affordable watches in India, Giordano has a solid spot in the top 10. 

Watch Features:
  • Almost all Giordano watches are very affordable in India
  • The downside to Giordano watches is that they are considered very fragile
  • You can buy Giordano wristwatches for prices ranging between Rs.3000 and Rs.15,000
  • Giordano designs are very well received by both men and women

7. Fastrack

Fastrack is one of the freshest watch brands on the Indian market, and with each new edition they gain more and more clients.

Watch Features:
  • Fastrack is a brand created almost exclusively for the younger generation 
  • Fastrack watches come in really funky and sporty designs to tailor to young people 
  • You can buy Fastrack watches for as little as Rs.500 to Rs.4000

8. Timex

Timex is a very well-established global watch brand and they take pride in being some of the oldest manufacturers still in existence today. 

Watch Features:
  • Timex watches come in all shapes, sizes and prizes, for men, women and kids  
  • Timex watches in India are mostly bought by teenagers and young people 
  • Timex watches are considered to be some of the most durable and fashionable on the Indian market 
  • Their price range of Rs.400 – Rs.4000 makes Timex one of the most popular watch brands in the country

9. Police

Police have become one of the most desired brands in the world after David Beckham became their brand ambassador. 

Watch Features:
  • Police watches are considered to be exclusive, based on their brand identity and elegant designs  
  • Police watches are specially designed for both men and women
  • Police watches are very expensive as opposed to other premium watch models you can find in India  
  • You can buy Police watches for prices ranging anywhere between Rs.7000 to Rs.25,000

10. Rado

This watch brand is extremely popular throughout the country, making it on the no. 10 spot in our rankings for the best watch brands in India.

Watch Features:
  • Rado creates premium quality watches 
  • The cheapest Rado’s watch in India costs Rs.25,000
  • Rado is a Swiss brand that has a huge presence in India
  • You can buy Rado watches at prices ranging between Rs.25,000 to Rs.4,00,000

TOP 10 Best Watches In The World

Now that we know what the top 10 best watch brands in India are, it’s time to check out what the worldwide rankings look like. 

These are the 10 best watch brands in the world today. Which one is your favorite?

1. Rolex Submariner

Since 1954, when Rolex was created, the company has revolutionized the way rich people look at luxury and class. A Rolex is a symbol of status, wealth, and good taste.

  • Asking price: $8,500

You’ll find Rolexes going anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to a couple of million, based on the interest watch collectors place in them.  

2. Omega SpeedMaster

Omega is one of the world’s most respected watch brands and people can’t get enough of them. If you’re looking for a high-quality watch brand, you don’t need to look any further than Omega.

  • Aking price: between $4500 and $9000.

Omega is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers, dating back to 1848.

3. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

This watch is extremely exclusive and most casual watch fans have never even heard of it. Most people can’t even correctly pronounce the name, which makes it all the more special.

  • Asking price: $20,000

This brand was launched in 1972, and for the past 50 years it has managed to build a name for itself throughout the world’s elite. Anybody who’s anybody considers the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak as a must-have model in their watch collection.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was created in 1931 when the company behind this brand started crafting unique watches for London’s high society. It was a brand created especially for elites and aristocracy, meaning that you had to be a VIP of the time in order to own such a watch.

  • Asking price: $10,000

It is considered one of the most successful watch models of the past 2 decades, meaning that in some countries it even surpassed traditional brands like Rolex and Omega. 

5. Rolex DateJust

Being the world’s most recognizable watch brand, the Rolex has several models that are considered unique and highly valuable.

The Rolex DateJust model was released in 2009, based on one of their oldest models which date back to 1945.

  • Asking price: $9,000

Rolex has managed to revamp their vintage models and give them a fresh-new coat of paint to be more appealing for today’s wealthy class of business people. 

6. Tag Heuer Monaco

Tag Heuer is one of those brands that became very popular since they were constantly present in Formula 1 sponsorships. 

Their most famous model was launched in 1969, and since then, Tag Heuer has established itself as one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious watch brands. 

  • Asking price: $4,500

The company is considered exclusive and luxurious, but it also has some other watch models which you can usually find at discounted prices. 

7. Glashutte Original Senator Navigator

This watch is one of the most interesting pieces in this top 10 best watches in the world, given the fact that it is not even certain who the real manufacturer behind it is.

Although it’s considered a very well-played marketing scheme, the watch is still extremely well-built and very slick designed. It’s a testament to the elegance that one can wear on his wrist.

  • Asking price: $7,000

The Glashutte Original Senator Navigator is in very high demand and certain stock shortages have been reported based on so many people ordering them. 

8. Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer is a symbol of power and confidence. Anyone who wears this watch model wants to show that you can be extremely elegant and relaxed, without being flashy in appearance or attitude.

  • Asking price: $9,000

Breitling Navitimer is of the highly appreciated models among watch collectors worldwide, due to its pristine design and investment value.

9. Cartier Santos

Cartier is one of the brands that need no further presentations, as they are a fashion icon, a perfume producer, and a watch manufacturer.

For decades now, Cartier has been at the forefront of the fashion world, tailoring the way people want to look and feel. If you owned anything created by Cartier, you were looked at favorably and with envy by society. 

  • Asking price: $6,700

Although this is still valid today, some Cartier watches are more affordable than others, and it is no longer a brand reserved for the super-rich people of the world. 

10. IWC Portuguese

The IWC Portuguese is one of the oldest names in watch manufacturing. At least one of the oldest still in existence and doing perfectly fine in today’s economic turmoil.

In 1930, a couple of sailors that were on a boat decided to create their own watches. This is how the story of IWC Portuguese began. They wanted to build strong, durable, and reliable clocks, and their vision is now one of the world’s most desired watch brands.

  • Asking price: $10,000

Most watch collectors consider the IWC Portuguese as one of the best investments you can make if you’re looking to purchase this type of asset. 

What to Look for When Buying a Watch?

Before you even consider looking up watches online, you need to know what to look for when buying a watch. But this may not be such an easy task as it may initially seem.

So, what to look out for when buying a watch? We’re going to explain all the things you should pay attention to so you’ll be well-aware of how to buy a good wristwatch. 

You can apply these actions regardless of whether you’re shopping for a watch online in India, or in a regular watch store. 

1. Decide upon a purpose for your watch

Sure, the main purpose of a watch is to tell the time. However, we all have smartphones now and you can easily know what time it is without actually needing a watch.

Today, a watch is considered an accessory. It’s considered a status symbol that says a lot about you, your “value” and your style.

This is why you should decide the purpose of your watch, meaning that you should consider if the watch you’ll be buying will be for special occasions, for daily wear, or for sporting activities. 

2. Budget

So, you’ve decided which type of watch you need and the activities you’ll use it for. Now it’s time to set a budget for your next watch purchase.

If you want something for special occasions, consider a higher budget. You should also apply the same budget for sports watches, especially if you’re a very active person.

If you’re purchasing something to wear every day, consider a lower budget for this expense, as you’ll most likely buy a new watch in a couple of years.

3. What do you get after buying the watch?

A lot of people don’t even consider this step of the watch purchasing process. Before buying a wristwatch, you should also take into account what benefits it comes attached with.

Is the watch durable? Is it a reliable brand? Do I have a lot of services for this brand in my town or country? Is it a good investment? Is it fashionable?

If your new watch depreciates in value the moment after you’ve bought it, that means that you are not making an investment. You’re only causing another expense. 

Take these 3 steps into account before you buy a watch and you will definitely make a better-informed purchase. That’s what you get after buying a watch: an investment, or an expense. 

How To Choose The Right Watch Size For Your Wrist?

Most people don’t even know the best size of a wristwatch, and they simply wear their watches just like they bought them. So, how to choose the right size of a wristwatch, you ask?

Let’s go over this very quick and easy-to-understand guide about choosing the best wristwatch size for you. 

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your wrist before you start looking at different watch sizes. For example, if you have a slender wrist, a model with a small case and a slim band is just what you need.

For thick wrists, watches with larger cases and broad bands are much more suitable. 

You also need to take into account that thin bands and bracelets, like the Milanese and the leather-style ones, look better on slender wrists. But when it comes to the metal clasp style, larger frames are a way better fit.

Another thing to consider based on your wrist size is the watch design. For thinner wrists, simple watches with minimal designs work best, as opposed to thick wrists where you can opt for more complex functions.  

The case thickness, based on your wrist size, should be as follows:

  • 6-8 mm for thin wrists
  • 8-12 mm for medium wrists
  • 14-18 mm for thick wrists
1. Check the Watch Case Diameter

The watch case diameter is one of the first things you need to look at when purchasing a new watch. Men’s watches have case diameters that usually range from 38 mm to 46 mm.

If you’re looking for anything that’s not in this range, you’ll wind up wearing something too small, or something incredibly large.

Based on your wrist size, here’s what watch you need to choose:

  • For a wrist size between 14 cm – 18 cm, you need to opt for a case diameter of 38 mm, 40 mm, or even 42 mm.
  • For a wrist size of 18 cm or higher, anything between 44-46 mm works.

How to Choose a Watch for Very Thin Wrists?

If you have a very thin wrist, you’re going to have to choose a simple design in order to create a better harmony between your hand and the wristwatch you will purchase.

Try to focus on watch brands in India that offer a large variety of small, simple watches, yet elegant in style.

Sometimes, less actually is more. The same goes for thin wrists and smaller watches. They go great together.

How to Choose a Watch for Slender Wrists?

Slender wrists which are not small can be quite tricky to find a perfect watch for. However, there are some tricks that can make your hands “shine.”

Choose a 40 mm design that will comfortably fit your hand, because this way you’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

Your hand will not seem that slender, and your watch will look like the piece was custom-made for you. 

How to Choose a Watch for Medium Wrists?

People with medium wrist sizes can consider themselves to be extremely lucky because they have the most options to choose from.

Most of the best watch brands in India create products for people with medium size wrists, which make a wide variety of nice-looking watches available for this category of clients.

Just be careful not to go into the extremes and choose something that’s either too small or too big. Stick with the classics and you can’t go wrong. 

How to Choose a Watch for Thick Wrists?

People with thick wrists have the hardest time finding a watch that will look good on their hands. However, when they do find it, it brings out the best in their look. 

Men will stand out of the crowd with thick wrists and big watches. It will set them aside from the rest, but the cost they need to pay will be a lot higher.

Usually, the biggest high-quality watch brands are very expensive and this is the only type of accessory that will look good on a thick wrist. 


Are you still asking yourself the question “where can you buy watches online in India”? If the answer is yes, feel free to search some of the best watch brands in India we have presented above and you’ll find the best online watch shops available in the country.

We think we painted a pretty clear picture about the Indian wristwatch market in 2021, and we’re pretty sure that the trends we’ve mentioned will continue to be a fashion statement for the next decade or so.

If you already know where to buy watches online in India, that means that this article helped you in deciding what watch models are best suited for you and especially for your budget.

Always remember that a watch is not just a fashion statement or a status symbol, it’s also an investment, especially if you purchase the right watch brands, at the right time, and more importantly, for the right price! 

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