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The 1990s was known as the age of the internet, but as we entered the new millennium, we catapulted into the age of digital media, or should we say, the dawn of web 2.0. As computer engineers and software developers around the world experimented with the idea of Web 2.0, they created and discovered social media applications that are now an integral part of our lives.

Facebook was among the first social media applications that allowed users to create accounts for free. Within less than two decades, Facebook’s popularity chart has soared high despite the minor setbacks and lawsuits. Today, the company boasts a revenue growth of $18.7 billion.

India realized the power of Facebook for personal and professional use. According to Facebook statistics, it has become the largest market for Facebook, and we are expecting to see a constant increase in the number of Facebook users in India.

How many Facebook users in India?

India has over 310 million Facebook users.

(Source: Statista)

India has the largest number of Facebook users in the world. In November 2020, the number of Facebook users in India reached over 310 million users. This number is so large that if these 310 million users were to form a country, it would be the fourth largest country by population size.

By the end of 2021, India will have 320 million Facebook users.

(Source: Statista)

The total Facebook users in India are expected to reach 320 million in 2021, and by 2023, almost 444.2 million Indians would be using Facebook.

Facebook User Statistics & Facebook Facts – 2021

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. The company is the owner of the four  most popular social media applications in the world::

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Inc. has more than 3.14 billion users worldwide.

(Source: Statista)

Nearly 3.14 billion people worldwide use either one, two, or all of the social media applications mentioned above. 

There are more than 2.7 billion Facebook monthly active users worldwide.

(Source: Statista)

Statistics In November 2020 showed that  Facebook had more than 2.7 billion active users who were using the platform for personal and professional use every month.

Facebook earns more than $18,000 million in annual revenue just through advertising.

(Source: Facebook Investor Relations)

Facebook’s revenue model is dependent on advertising, and by the second quarter of 2020, Facebook had earned $18,321 million in revenue just through advertising.

98% of Facebook users access their accounts through mobile devices.

(Source: Statista)

In January 2020, almost 98% of Facebook users accessed their Facebook accounts through mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. In October 2020, the number of Facebook users who accessed the social media application through their mobile phones was 98.3%.

Nearly 80% of Facebook users use only their mobile phones to access the application.

(Source: Statista)

Nearly 79.9% of Facebook users worldwide access the application using only their mobile phones whereas, 18.5% of the users use both their computers and mobile phones to use their Facebook account.

Facebook Demographics

More females around the world use Facebook as compared to males.

(Source: Omni Core Agency)

Of all the 2.7 billion Facebook users globally, 1.19 billion are female, and 1.51 billion are male.

Most of the Facebook users are from the age group of 25 to 34 years.

(Source: Omni Core Agency)

Almost 19.3% of the males using Facebook are between 25 and 34 years old, and 13.2% of the females using Facebook are between 25 and 34 years old. This indicates that around the world, it is the millennials who are most active on Facebook.

Every 7 in 10 adults in the USA uses Facebook.

(Source: Omni Core Agency)

Even though 69% of the adults in the USA use Facebook, around 90% of the daily traffic on Facebook comes from outside of the USA and Canada. India has the largest base of Facebook users in the world, followed by the USA. Almost 1,013,000 daily users on Facebook are from Asia, and around 387 million are from Europe.

Facebook Usage Statistics

Almost 76% of the Facebook users in India are male.

(Source: Napoleon Cat)

Statistics showed that 76% of the Facebook users in India are men because the male literacy rate is higher than the female literacy rate. In India, 82.14% of the males are literate, whereas only 65.46% of females can read and write.

Facebook Users in India by Age Group

Most of the Facebook users in India are from the age group of 25-34.

(Source: Napoleon Cat)

According to the Facebook profile stats, Indians between the ages of 25 and 34 use Facebook the most. Whereas Indians who are over the age of 65 use Facebook the least. Millennials in India use Facebook the most. The baby boomers, who didn’t witness the Internet technology while growing up, are still hesitant to use social media applications, like Facebook.

There are nearly 65,000,000 men between the ages of 25 and 34 who actively use Facebook in India.

Facebook users in India by States

New Delhi has the highest number of Internet users in India.

(Source: Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI))

Even though the state-wise statistics on Facebook usage are not available, we can see that New Delhi has the highest internet penetration in all of India. India’s capital city is followed by Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab when it comes to the highest number of registered internet users in India.

In Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and the National Capital Territory (NCT), the number of female internet users is higher compared to other states.

Facebook is the top social networking site in all the states of India.

(Source: Sannam S4)

In India, Facebook remains to be the top social networking site with over 1.6 billion monthly visits.

The highest number of Facebook users are in Mumbai, followed by Delhi and then Bengaluru.

(Source: Trak In)

In 2017, the highest number of Facebook users were in Mumbai, with  3.7 million users. Delhi had over 1.6 million Facebook users, and in Bengaluru, 1.3 million Indians were using Facebook.

Number of Facebook Users by Country

India has the highest number of Facebook users in the world.

(Source: Statista)

India has more than 310 million Facebook users and the US has the second largest population of Facebook users with over 190 million users.

Indonesia has the third-highest population of Facebook users globally with over 140 million users, and Brazil is the fourth largest market for Facebook with around 130 million active users.

According to the Facebook stats on Statista, the top 10 countries with the highest number of Facebook user count are:

  1. India – 310 million users
  2. United States of America- 190 million users
  3. Indonesia- 140 million users
  4. Brazil- 130 million users
  5. Mexico- 92 million users
  6. Philippines- 81 million users
  7. Vietnam- 65 million users
  8. Thailand- 50 million users
  9. Egypt- 44 million users
  10. Bangladesh- 39 million users

Time spent on Facebook

In the USA, on average, an adult spends 38 minutes per day using Facebook.

(Source: Review 42)

The average urban Indian population spends around 212 minutes per week on social media applications, like Facebook and WhatsApp.

(Source: Statista)

In 2016, people living in India’s urban areas spent an average of 1.5 hours (212 minutes per week) on social media platforms each day. But in 2020, that number drastically increased, and people started spending more than 4 hours per day using social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).

According to the Times of India, due to the lockdown, in 2020, Indians were spending an average of 280 minutes per day on social media applications, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Mobile Vs. Desktop usage

290 million Indians access social networks through their mobile devices.

(Source: Hootsuite – We Are Social report)

99.25% of the people in India access their Facebook accounts through Facebook mobile.

(Source: Sannam S4 and Insider Intelligence)

In January 2020, 500 million Indians were using smartphones, and 77% of the Indians were online using social media applications.

It is predicted that by 2022, Indians will spend an average of 1 hour and 35 minutes using social media on their cellphones and only 22 minutes accessing social media websites through their desktops or laptops.

Facebook Vs Other Social Networks

Facebook is the most widely used social media website and application in the world. Facebook’s growth and popularity are accounted for by the fact that in October 2020, the social media network had 2.7 billion active users worldwide.

(Source: Statista)

Followed by Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the fourth most popular social media application worldwide with over 1.3 billion users. After WeChat, Instagram is the sixth most popular social media application with over 1.158 billion users. Unfortunately, Twitter is not popular amongst the wider global audience because it has only 353 million users and is the 17th most used social media application globally.

Facebook Vs. YouTube

(Source: Sannam S4)

According to the statistics, in India, YouTube garners an average of 1.2 billion monthly visits. 59.96% of the traffic on YouTube is from Indians accessing YouTube through their mobile devices. Whereas 40.04% of the traffic on YouTube is from Indians using their desktops or laptops to access YouTube.

YouTube has 265 million active users in India.

(Source: Omni Core Agency)

YouTube is the second most popular social media application in India and has 265 million active accounts in India.

(Source: Social Bakers)

In India, the three most viewed YouTube channels are T-Series, Set India, and Zee Tv. T-Series has over 122,000,000 subscribers and 92,588,207,692 total uploaded video views. Set India by Sony TV has more than 61,300,000 subscribers and 44,998,866,641 total views on the uploaded videos. Zee Tv has 38,900,000 subscribers and a total of 36,904,914,683 views on the uploaded videos.

By the end of 2021, YouTube viewers in India will reach 342.3 million.

(Source: eMarketer)

By the end of 2021, YouTube will take up 92.8% of the total digital video viewing market share in India. The total number of YouTube viewers in India will reach 342.3 million and continue to grow as more high-quality content is available on YouTube.

Facebook Vs. Instagram

(Source: Sannam S4)

In India, 191.1 million people visit Instagram monthly. 99.02% of the Indians access Instagram through their mobile devices, while the remaining 1.11% access it through their desktops or laptops. Because Instagram is a picture and video-based social media application, it is a lot easier to use it through the phones as people can take photos and upload them on their Instagram account directly without the need to transfer the files.

In November 2018, there were 69 million Instagram users in India.

(Source: Talkwalker)

Among these 69 million Indian users active on Instagram, most belong to the age group of 18 to 24 years. Therefore, in India, Instagram is most popular with Generation Z, who use it as the primary tool for staying connected with their friends and social circles. The visual appeal of Instagram attracts the younger generation. They are regularly posting their photographs and videos with hashtags and captions to keep their followers updated about their day-to-day activities.

Instagram’s popularity is growing in India.

(Source: Talkwalker)

Every year, the number of Indian users on Instagram increases by a rate of 5.6%.

Priyanka Chopra is the most famous Indian influencer on Instagram.

(Source: Talkwalker)

The actress, producer, singer, and winner of Miss World 2004, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, is the most famous Indian influencer on Instagram. She has worked extensively with the United Nations and continues to be an advocate for feminism, human rights, and racial equality.

Facebook Vs. Twitter

India has nearly 7.75 million Twitter users.

(Source: Talkwalker)

According to Reuters, 18% of Twitter users in India use the microblogging website as a source of the latest news and updates.

(Source: Sannam S4)

In India, Twitter receives 125.2 million monthly visits. 97.81% of the traffic on Twitter is from the Indians accessing the application via their mobile devices. Only 2.19% of the traffic on Twitter is from the Indians using their desktops or laptops to access Twitter.

The most followed person on Twitter in India is Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

(Source: Talkwalker)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has more than 50.2 million followers. As the PM of India, he is the most influential living person in India at the moment.

The popularity of Twitter in India is decreasing.

(Source: Digital 2019 report from Hootsuite)

In India, Twitter usage is decreasing at the rate of 2.2% every quarter.

The gender disparity on Twitter is the highest in India.

(Source: Digital 2019 report from Hootsuite)

According to the Digital 2019 report, only 16% of Indian Twitter users are female, whereas 84% are male.

Most Indians engage with tweets through likes.

(Source: Socialbakers)

Nearly 83% of the Twitter users in India engage with Tweets and posts just by liking them. Only 9% of the Twitter users in India retweet and another 8% spend time to reply to the Tweets.

Facebook Video Statistics

Times of India, Laughing Colours, and Aaj Tak have the highest number of views on their videos.

(source: Vidooly)

The top 10 pages on Facebook that have the highest number of views on their videos are:

  1. Times of India- 112, 228, 314 views
  2. Laughing Colors- 77,042,462 views
  3. Aaj Tak- 71,673,728 views
  4. ABP News- 60,107,004 views
  5. Hebbar’s Kitchen- 54,787,062 views
  6. Being India- 50,464,627 views
  7. Varun Pruthi- 46,088,953 views
  8. Times Now- 40,168,480 views
  9. ScoopWhoop News- 37,973,973 views
  10. Glamrs- 37,906,300 views

Collectively, the top 20 Facebook pages in India garner more than 430 million views per month, and digital marketers and advertisers regularly monitor the viewership of these pages and video content so that they know where to advertise their brands.

Facebook Advertising Statistics

Advertisements on Facebook can reach a global audience of 2.14 billion.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Facebook Inc. states that if you advertise on Facebook, your ad can reach 2.14 billion people globally, which is a 2.2% increase from last year.

The USA and Canada collectively contribute to 47% of Facebook’s advertising revenue.

(Source: Facebook Investor relations)

The Facebook advertisement’s geographic location feature has analyzed that nearly half of the advertising revenue Facebook generates comes from the USA and Canada, indicating that businesses and brands in the USA and Canada extensively use Facebook as an online advertising platform.

The average price for a Facebook ad decreased by 9% in 2020.

(Source: Facebook Investors Relations)

In 2020, the average price for Facebook advertising was 9% higher than in 2021. This is good news for brands and marketers as they now save a few dollars on their advertising budget.

In India, the CPC for Facebook ads starts from Rs. 23 (53 cents)

(Source: Trak In)

In India, the Facebook advertising rates are a lot cheaper than the rest of the world. The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads in India is 53 cents or higher,  around Rs. 23-24. Whereas in the USA, the average CPC for a Facebook ad is $1.22 (Rs. 55). Therefore, advertisers find it very affordable to penetrate the Indian online market by advertising their products and service on Facebook.

Facebook Revenue Statistics

In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook’s revenue was $18.7 billion.

(Source: Facebook Inc.)

In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook’s net income was $5,178 billion.

(Source: Omni Core Agency)

By June 2020, Facebook’s total assets were worth $139,691 billion.

(Source: Facebook Inc.)

The statistics gathered on Facebook’s revenue generation for the fiscal year 2020 show that the company is in good financial health and making profits. Being the largest social media network, Facebook Inc. dominates the global social media market share and continues to attract more users and more acquisition opportunities.

Facebook For Businesses

42% of the businesses that have a Facebook business page are located in the suburbs.

(Source: Facebook)

Facebook has become an excellent platform for small-scale businesses to promote their goods and services online. Almost 160 million businesses use Facebook for promoting and expanding their business. Out of these 160 million businesses, 42% are based in the suburbs, 33% in the urban centers, and 25% in the rural areas.

Nearly 48.5% of the B2B companies use Facebook for conducting their market research.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Businesses that sell their products and services to other businesses like marketing agencies, automobile manufacturing, etc., use Facebook’s business pages to conduct their market research. They can immediately gauge the audience engagement through likes, comments, and shares on the Facebook business pages.

1.5 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) from India use Facebook business pages to reach out to clients and customers.

(Source: Financial Express)

India is the largest market for Facebook, and the cost of Facebook advertising is very affordable in the country. 1.5 million Indian businesses have set up business pages on Facebook and reach out to their potential customers and clients.


With the advent of Web 2.0, the world discovered the power of digital media. Facebook was amongst the first social media applications to offer its services for free to a global audience. Within less than two decades, Facebook’s global audience has crossed the 2 billion mark, and according to Facebook statistics, today, 2.7 billion people connect and collaborate over Facebook. India is the largest market for Facebook.

Over 310 million Facebook users in India are enjoying the numerous benefits of this free-to-use social media application. From staying in touch with friends and family to starting and promoting their businesses, Indians are at the forefront of harnessing the power of Facebook.


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